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Re: [ossig] JSP v PHP for Biz Intelligence Application

me love drupal which is also on php. i think this jsp v php thing
currently has little to do with technological superiority - i guess it's
all in the mind just like all fud.

my partner is a wiz with php. anything that the client has thrown at
him, he'd have it done very quickly. the only thing that he has not done
yet is 'freeze pane'. but that wont stand for long now that he is
picking up ajax and online spreadsheets.

Raja Iskandar Shah

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From: Uwe Dippel <udippel@uniten.edu.my>
Date: Wednesday, July 12, 2006 4:05 pm
Subject: Re: [ossig] JSP v PHP for Biz Intelligence Application

> Ditesh Kumar wrote:
> >>As sysadmin for mambo and wordpress, I really wished it was more 
> >>difficult to write an insecure application.
> > 
> > The problem here is the developers, not the platform. I've seen 
> equally> badly written j2ee software, 
> Ditesh, now, what is more fud-dy:
> 1. me stating that it is easy to write insecure code with PHP
> 2. some other chap considering the developers of certain prominent 
> applications 'problematic'
> ??
> M/J is one of the leading CMSes, W is one of the leading blog 
> softwares, 
> P is *the* web-based MySQL admin tool.
> Food for thought: Is it all the developers only or could it as 
> well be 
> at least partially the platform ?
> And this is no effort to flame about. I'm actually curious to hear 
> opinions on this question.
> Uwe
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