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[ossig] Croation Government to move to Free Software


Croatian government adopts free software policy 
Apply Open Sauce on the Balkans
By Nick Farrell: Wednesday 19 July 2006, 06:54

THE CROATIAN government has decided to adopt a free software policy and
move entirely to Open Source.

According to a document with the catchy title "Directions for
Development and Use of Open Source Code Computer Programmes in Bodies
and Institutions of State Administration" the Government says it needs
to develop, prepare and procure open-source software.

Basically it feels that proprietary software leads to too much
dependence on suppliers, which can damage the market competition. 

It also says that open source programmes make the government's business
more transparent and free access to information. 

It reckons that Open Source will also save the Croatian tax payers huge
amounts of cash while at the same time strengthening the domestic
information science industry.

The report is available here.

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