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Re: [ossig] Joint UNCTAD/UNITAR event on Free and Open-source Software(FOSS) New York, 29 August 2006

Ezwan Aizat Bin Abdullah Faiz wrote:
> Sounds interesting.  Visited the website, then for the previous 
> webminars I saw:
>  Archived Webcast: Click here to view the webcast.
>  (Real Player required for viewing:  Click here for free download)
> For the upcoming FOSS discussions a simple request would be to make it
> FOSS friendly (aka ogg).  Yes I know you can play realmedia files on
> FOSS Operating Systems, but I'm stingy :) :P.

Not that this is flamebait, but the FOSS friendly webcasting has a bit 
of time before it gets better. We had so many problems using Theora and 
Flumotion last year at FUDCon and the videos came out pretty badly. This 
year, at GUADEC, the videos/sound were out of sync ! Last year at LCA, 
they were also garbled.

So while the format is interesting/good, there's a high margin of error 
when recording live feeds. Things like the UI not being usable yet. 
Heck, even on the console, these errors occur. Bottom line is, if you 
care about your AV recording, you might want to be weary of the 
OGG/theora stuff...

(I hear cpu spikes tend to make things go out of sync or something as well)

Just a thought

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