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[ossig] FOSS @ AUG KL PCFAIR 2006

Dear members of the Free and Open Source community in Malaysia,

With the help of Pikom and the Pikom PC Fair Organizer, I have been able
to procure a booth for use in the upcoming KL PCFair 2006 on August 11th
to the 13th.  I would like to ask the help of the community in promoting
the awareness of FOSS, and making it a success.

As you can see, there isn't much time till the PCFair.  So lets be

I have a list of ideas for what to do at the PCFair, but if you could
help generate some ideas and share it with us, I would be more than

The main goal of the PCFair is to promote FOSS awareness in Malaysia.
It has come to my understanding that there are a significant number of
FOSS users, but they are in little secluded pockets, or they don't know
about the larger community.  I hope to be able to reach out to them, and
any interested people.

The simplest goal is to distribute flyers, all flyers will be A4 double
sided.  The flyers will contain information about the benefits of using
FOSS, and whom to contact for further help. I hope that these flyers to
be translated into another language besides English, and would need the
help of volunteers in helping assist the translation to other languages.

I would like to distribute GNU/Linux CDs.  With the short amount of time
available, I do not believe we can procure Ubuntu CDs.  Thus I would
like to know if anyone would be willing to help in preparing CDs for
distribution.  The CDs do not have to be given away at a loss, but can
be sold at a very minimal cost.  With the GNU/Linux CDs, I would like to
include a simple page, on replacement applications (ie: Microsoft Office
=> Open Office, iTunes => Rhythmbox, Internet Explorer => Firefox) and
getting comfortable using GNU/Linux, just to get people started.  The
flyer will also include links and contact details on where to get more

Though not highlighted much, I would like to demonstrate the efforts of
the Malaysian FOSS Translators, ie: Kedidi Emas.  This would be a great
opportunity for the Malaysian Translators to demonstrate your work to
the public.

I would also like to showcase other local FOSS projects.  Projects do
not have to be Software oriented, such as the Monthly MyOSS Meetups, the
LPI Certifications, etc.  If you are involved in any FOSS events (local
and community oriented such as the MyOSS meetups), then if you can
provide the flyers, and perhaps the man power :) I would be more than
happy to distribute them.

Alot of the ideas I want to implement require hardware.  If people could
help lend hardware for a short period of time, that would be most

In order for these ideas to happen we need volunteers to man the booth
during the three day event.  If you would like to volunteer, then please
do not hesitate to contact me.

Other ideas are to include flyers targetting and could be related
specific sectors:
      * Education
      * Business
      * Benefits to the nation (bridging the digital divide)
      * etc..

I hope this to be the breaking out of FOSS in Malaysia.  Remember people
we have just under three weeks to make this happen.  If you have any
further questions, or would like to help assist me, then please do not
hesitate to contact me.

If this event is a success, look forward to seeing us at the other
PCFair events around the country.

If you can please forward this email to any interested parties, I would
be more than grateful.

Thank You,
Aizat Faiz
+6 017 690 8783

aizat faiz: sleep to the power of z. -_-;;^zzz
strange symphonies - http://aizatto.com/

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