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Re: [ossig] Anyone Know How To "Migrate" Squirrel Mail?

Kristy Christie wrote:

> Hi!
> Does anyone know (or know anyone) who is able to migrate 91 webmail 
> accounts from an old server
> running QMail and Squirrel Mail 1.4.2 to a new server running CPanel & 
> Squirrel Mail?
> Unfortunately, the original Squirrel Mail and Squirrel Mail under 
> CPanel seems to be different in the way
> they store data.. and a copy/paste is simply not going to work.
> Any help would be appreciated!

Storage of what data? Inboxes should be accessible via IMAP4 -- thus
transparent. The only other things they store are user preferences 
(could be forgetting others), which I believe can be shoved into a DB

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