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30 December 2003
Evening Talk on on 8 January 2004

MNCC-OSSIG will kick off 2004 by organising its first evening talk for the new year on 8 January, entitled: " - Is it an Alternative to Microsoft?" The is a presentation to address issues like why OOo, the OOo movement, licensing, the MS Office compatibility aspects of OOo, the additional features (like one-click PDF export, export to Macromedia Flash, etc...), accessibility, internationalisation, and some of the projects we've run or participated in, e.g. how a local company, atSC, is providing CDs that come from the UK to schools here.

The talk is targetted at:

Speaker: Colin Charles is the Community Marketing Contact. He is currently active in the development, management, as well as support, documentation and marketing of the project and OOo suite.

Date/Time: 8th Jan 2004, 7:00pm - 9.00pm
Venue:KDU Management Development Centre (KMDC), Plaza Sentral, KL.
Admission: Free (as in RM0.00!)

Those who are interested to attend please contact Ng Chin Hooi ( or Kathy Lim ( or call up KMDC at 03- 22738286.

Reservation is on a first come first serve basis.

16 November 2003
OSS101 Workshops for December

OSS101 in Kuala Lumpur
The KDU Management Development Centre (KMDC) (an MNCC appointed authorised training partner for the the OSS101 Workshop) is holding a OSS101 workshop on 4-5 December 2003 at their labs in Plaza Sentral, KL. The price is RM 80 and those interested please contact Kathy Lim ( or call up KMDC at 603- 22738286 or fax 603-2273-5933

OSS101 in Skudai, Johor
MNCC OSS101 will be conducted in UTM, Skudai Johor on 20-21 December 2003. If you are interested to attend, please contact Nonie from MNCC by sending email to with the subject title "OSS101 Johor". Please provide your name, job, company and contact number.

24 September 2003
OSS101 Seminars and Workshop for October/November

Announcing OSS101 Seminars and Workshop for October/November. This time they will be held at the KDU Management Development Centre (KMDC) in Kuala Lumpur. KMDC is the first MNCC appointed authorised training partner to conduct the OSS101 Workshop. In conjunction with this appointment, KMDC will host two seminars in October and a OSS101 workshop in November:

Admission to the evening seminars is free while the 2-day workshop carry its usual RM50 fee. For details on these events and how to register please see here.

19 September 2003
Open Source Software for Schools Initiative

Recently, atSC, with the support of MNCC, organised a 6-day training session to introduce school teachers to open-source software. The event was held from 8 - 13 September 2003 at the KMDC computer labs and 11 secondary school teachers were involved. This event was made possible by the generous sponsorship of Dato Siew Nim Chee.

The courses covered were a 4-day Linux Introduction course followed by a 2-day course. The trainers and facilitators included Brian Bork, William Wong, Mohd. Iskandar, Chin Huei, and Colin Charles. A more detailed write-up of this event by Colin is available here. Some photos from the event can be seen here.

30 August 2003
FOSS Conference 2003 papers and presentations available for downloading.

The Free and Open Source Software Conference 2003 (FOSSCON 2003) organised by MIMOS was successfuly held from 26-27 August 2003. Over 300 paying delegates were present and several of the MNCC-OSSIG members presented papers and workshops. To download the papers and/or presentations see here.

5 August 2003
Special Discount for MNCC members for the FOSS Conference 2003

The Free and Open Source Software Conference 2003 (FOSSCON 2003) organised by MIMOS, will be held on 26-27 August 2003 at the Sheraton Subang. For MNCC members there is a special fee of RM 329.00 per person which is equivalent to the early bird discounted fee. The normal fee is RM 379.00. Several of the MNCC-OSSIG members are speaking at the conference!! For more details see the programme at the conference website.

26 July 2003
Special Offer for First 5 MNCC Members Who Sign Up for LinuxPlus Fastrack Course

Parson/VUE, CompTIA, atSC, KMDC and MNCC are presenting a week long class designed to attendees pass the CompTIA Linux+ examination. For details of this LinuxPlus Fastrack Course see here. As an incentive for MNCC members to attend the course and subsequently take the certification, the first 5 members of MNCC who register for the course will only need to pay RM 1,500/participant to attend the class instead of the normal rate of RM 2,500/participant.

4 July 2003
Evening Talk on "Open Source Java Projects: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow"

The OSCC is holding an evening talk on Java and its role in the current OSS phenomena on 15 July 2003. The speakers are from Sun Microsystems' Open Source Program Office. For more details see here.

1 July 2003
Photos of the OSS101 Seminar and Workshop held at INTAN on 24 June 2003

Photos of the OSS101 seminar and workshop held at INTAN, Bukit Kiara Campus can be viewed here.

23 June 2003
Co-founder of MySQL to give keynote at Free and Open Source Conference 2003

The organiser of the Free and Open Source Conference 2003, MIMOS, has confirmed that David Axmark, co-founder of MySQL, will be presenting a keynote speech at this event.
(Note: See the news here for the background on this conference.)

23 May 2003
OSS101 for Government Workers

Announcing the OSS101 Open Source Appreciation Seminar and Workshop targetted at government workers to be held on 24-25 June 2003 at IMATEC, INTAN Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur. This time around while the free seminar is as usual open to the public, the one and a half day workshop is reserved for government workers only. For more details ...

12 May 2003
OSS101 Seminar for Teachers

The OSS101 team presented a half day talk on "OSS Usage in Schools" to the teachers of the Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Kelana Jaya, in Kelana Jaya, PJ on 10 May 2003. One of the teachers there who had attended our OSS101 workshop last year was keen to introduce OSS to his colleagues and the school and invited us for the talk. The event was well attended with a turnout of about 80 teachers. As some of the teachers were very keen to learn and participate in OSS activities for the school (which has 2 fully-equipped networked computer labs) we are hoping to organise some training and projects for these teachers in the future. Some photos taken at the event can be seen here.

8 May 2003
Updated 10 May 2003

Launch of the Open Source Compatibility Centre (OSCC)

The last one year has witnessed a significant surge in the interest in open-source software (OSS) in both the government and commercial sectors all over the world. However, with the adoption of OSS, compatibility and migration issues will have to be addressed. There is a real need to have a compatibility centre to test and evaluate both software and hardware for open-source platforms to be deployed in a real-world environment. Recognising this, the Malaysian National Computer Confederation (MNCC), Advanced Technology Studies Centre (atSC) and Getronics Solutions Malaysia have come together to set up the Open Source Compatibility Centre (OSCC) to serve the local ICT industry by providing a platform and resource centre where OSS solutions and deployment can be evaluated and tested.      --->More ...

Coverage of the opening by the Star and the Asian Open Source Centre.

21 April 2003
Report of the OSS101 Open Source Appreciation Workshop held in Penang

The second OSS101 Open Source Appreciation Workshop for this year was successfully held from 29-30 March 2003 at KDU College, Penang Campus. For a report of this click here.

16 April 2003
(Updated: 23 June 2003)

Malaysian Open Source Conference and Exhibition 2003

Following the success of the inaugural conference held in August last year, University Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI), together with the MIMOS Open Source Group will be organising the second National Open Source Conference on 19 - 20 August 2003. The theme for this year is "Empowering Malaysia with Open Source". MNCC-OSSIG will again be supporting the conference. The call for papers has been released and more details on this and the conference itself can be found at the UPSI Open Source or MIMOS Open Source websites.

Latest update: 23 June 2003
UPSI has pulled out due to some unfroseen circumstances and MIMOS is now the organiser of the conference. The name of the conference has also been changed to "FREE & OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE CONFERENCE 2003". The new website for the conference is now at

16 March 2003

Press Release on IBM OSS101 for Users Sponsorship

On 5 March 2003 IBM Malaysia together with MNCC-OSSIG released a press statement on IBM's sponsorship of the MNCC-OSSIG OSS101 Appreciation Workshops for the End-user for the year 2003. Reports of this can be found here and here.

26 February 2003
(Updated 11 March 2003)

Announcement of the OSS101 Appreciation Seminar and Workshop in Penang

The OSS101 Appreciation Seminar and Workshop for organisations who are interested to learn about Open Source Software and their applications in an office environment is scheduled to be held in Penang from 29-30 March 2003. This is the second stage of the OSS101 User Apprreciation Workshop for 2003. The first one was successfully held in KL on 19-20 February 2003.

The event in Penang will be hosted by KDU College Penang Campus and sponsored by IBM, Sun Microsystems, Getronics Solutions Malaysia and Advanced Technology Studies Centre (atSC).

For more details of the event please click here.
For a map of the KDU College Penang campus go here.

22 February 2003
Successful Completion of the 1st OSS101 Appreciation Workshop for 2003

The first OSS101 Appreciation Workshop for this year was successfully held from 19-20 February 2003 at APIIT in Technology Park Malaysia. For a report of this click here.

7 February 2003
OSS101 Appreciation Workshop

The OSS101 Appreciation Workshop for organizations (including government departments) who are interested to learn about Open Source Software and its application in an office environment is scheduled to be held on 19 February at APIIT. For more details click here.

8 January 2003
MNCC-OSSIG Showcased OSS Desktop Environment at the INTAN IMATEC Official Opening

The newly completed Management Technology Centre (IMATEC) of the National Institute of Public Administration (INTAN) in Bukit Kiara, KL, was officially opened by the PM, Dr Mahathir on 6 January 2003. In conjunction with this opening, several organisations as well as vendors put up an ICT exhibition at IMATEC. MNCC was represented by the MNCC-OSSIG and the latter showcased how OSS can now be used as a viable alternative for the office worker's desktop allowing her to use office productivity tools and applications as well as access email and the Internet; all working seamlessly with commercial close-source office applications. Some photos of the MNCC-OSSIG participation at the event are available here.

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