Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1) What is MNCC?

MNCC was formerly known as the Malaysian Computer Society. It was first established in 1967 and thus MNCC is 53 years old this year.

The name change to Malaysian National Computer Confederation (or MNCC) was done in 1988 when the association was reregistered under the Companies Act. The reasons for this change (among other things) were to improve operational effectiveness as well as to be able to establish branches easily.

MNCC is recognized as the IT professional body in the country as well as internationally through membership in IFIP (International Federation of Information Processing) and SEARCC (South East Asia Regional Computer Confederation).

2) What is the difference between MNCC and PIKOM?

As stated above, MNCC is the body whose members are individuals working in the field of Information Technology. PIKOM is the association of organizations or companies doing business in IT. Thus while MNCC represents individuals, PIKOM represents organizations (the industry).

3) What activities does MNCC engage in?

MNCC undertakes activities to promote IT professionalism by:

organizing talks, seminars, conferences or workshops on its own or in association with other parties, working with relevant bodies in the country to promote its objects.

4) What are the benefits of being a MNCC member?

For passive MNCC members, the following benefits apply:

Discounts applicable to various seminars/ conferences/ workshops organized or endorsed by MNCC, discount on membership of the BCS (British Computer Society), ACS (Australian Computer Society) and the SCS (Singapore Computer Society). 

But membership in a professional association like MNCC is not like a commercial transaction. If you are an active member, you are likely to get more out of it, e.g. networking with fellow professionals, working with various agencies and organizations through MNCC, platforms/forums for members to promote relevant issues or causes.

5) How much does it cost to be a member?

The cost is extremely reasonable. The entrance fee is only RM 50 and yearly subscriptions range from RM 30 to RM 60 depending on grade of membership. For students the entrance fee is only RM 10 and yearly subscription of RM 20.